I’ve been into cars since that first drive on my Uncles farm at 12. My first car was a ’72 Ford Torino out-fitted with a 351 Cleveland I bought from a neighbour friend. We called it the “Lead Sled”. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few different vehicles over the years some of which I still have today.

A few of my memorable rides…

’72 Torino (the lead sled)
’77 Firebird
’79 Bobcat (the racing pinto)
’90 Eagle Talon
’99 Porsche 911 (tank)
’00 Harley Davidson Ford F150
’07 FJ Cruiser (lifted)
’07 BMW 335i (turbo)
’18 Stinger GT

Although I no longer have the skills or time to work on my cars these days, I rely on Nathan and friends @thegearshop to keep them in good shape for the occasional Rally or Mountain Trail.