A Little About Me

My name is Jeff Moss. I’m Alberta born, and although I’ve lived all over the province, I call Calgary my home with my wife Valerie and daughter London Jean. I’ve been in the technology industry for my entire career passionately leading support teams and technologists. I’m sometimes described as a “car guy,” but my lifelong passion is photography.

My page @jeffmoss.ca

Valerie’s Variety Podcast – Valerie has an engaging weekly Podcast and Blog featuring a variety of subjects, but her specialty and interest is Calgary “YYC” and all it has to offer. Check her out at www.ValerieMoss.ca.

My Work

Information Technology Leader

I’m an experienced Information Technology leader committed and driven to support business priorities with appropriate IT strategies. Leveraging both IT and business relationships, I help bridge the gap between the two cultures. My passion is leading technical support teams focusing on a sense of urgency, cost control, and willingness to go the extra mile for our customer. I have experience supporting some of Canada’s most well-known brands, and I aspire to bring IT support to the next level.

H&R Block Canada

I’m currently supporting H&R Block Canada as Director, IT Services leading a variety of teams dedicated to Retail IT Operations and Field Support Services. Our focus is the technology within the “four walls of an office” with the priority of uninterrupted service, customer support, and technical improvement.

My profile at @jrmoss


Photography has been a long time passion for me since the days of shooting for my school Yearbook in Leduc, AB. Those were the days of manual 35mm Minolta cameras and Black&White dark rooms. Oh, if we only had Youtube and Lynda.com back in those days, our school would have had much better photos 🙂

For most of my amateur career, I’ve been a Nikon shooter, but over the last few years, I’ve moved to FujiFilm mirrorless and lately have become an enthusiastic Fuji-X advocate. I’m completely absorbed into the X system and have enjoyed the online resurgence of amateur photography FujiFilm is bringing to the industry.

My photos @jeffmoss


I’ve been into cars since that first drive on my Uncles farm at 12. My first car was a ’72 Ford Torino out-fitted with a 351 Cleveland I bought from a neighbour friend. We called it the “Lead Sled”. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few different vehicles over the years some of which I still have today.

A few of my memorable rides…

’72 Torino (the lead sled)
’77 Firebird
’79 Bobcat (the racing pinto)
’90 Eagle Talon
’99 Porsche 911 (tank)
’00 Harley Davidson Ford F150
’07 FJ Cruiser (lifted)
’07 BMW 335i (turbo)
’18 Stinger GT

Although I no longer have the skills or time to work on my cars these days, I rely on Nathan and friends @thegearshop to keep them in good shape for the occasional Rally or Mountain Trail.